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Faith Yes of the Heart Cover

The Cross: Payment or Gift?
Rethinking the Death of Jesus

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"A great and important book which we really need! It will transform people's understanding of the Cross and will feed so many hearts! – Brame's 'way' is to inform and challenge, encourage and inspire!"
– Pastor Brady Faggart
North Carolina Synod, ELCA
"Grace Brame’s work ...is very fine and very much needed."
Richard Rohr, OFM 

"For a wise and insightful treatment of faith... see Grace Adolphsen Brame's Faith, the Yes of the Heart."
Marcus Borg, Ph.D.

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Faith Yes of the Heart Cover

Faith, the Yes of the Heart:
A Theology of Spirituality - pub. AugsburgFortress
Faith, the Yes of the Heart is taken from a sermon by Luther in 1540. There he said: "Faith is the yes of the heart, ... a confidence on which one stakes one's life." Because the subject of Luther's spirituality has been slighted, forgotten, unknown, or unconnected with his theology, this book attempts to fill the resulting need.

"Brame opens up a neglected landscape of Luther's writing by focusing not only on his thought but on his experience of faith in God... The book ... revisions the history of the interpretation of Luther. .... By the use of striking metaphors, personal experience, and historical research.... Grace Brame focuses on faith, not as belief, but as trust, the core of Luther's theological revolution."
– Brad Holt
Author of "Thirsty for God"

Luther's life and the lives of Christians throughout the world were changed when he realized that faith was not just what we think about God, but our intimate, personal relationship with God: a trust, a "Yes" to God on which we too may stake our lives.

The words of many twentieth century writers are included throughout the book, enriching its depth and scope.

"Faith, the Yes of the Heart, should be required reading in every seminary, in the primary library of every pastor, and a companion for everyone on a serious spiritual journey."
– Reuben Job
Methodist Bishop

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Receptive Prayer

Receptive Prayer:
Prayer Which Nourishes, Heals, and Empowers – Edition 3, Charis Enterprises.
How did Jesus, Mary, and the Prophets pray? How did they know what their mission was or how it should be fulfilled? How did their prayer empower them to accomplish what they were born to do and be? What can we assume of their prayer, and what can we learn from them and others?

Most of us pray that God will do something to us or for us, but God wants to do something in us and through us. That can be done only through our yielding to God in receptive prayer and life, in silence and in action. The ministry of the church, as well as our own, will go astray without it.

Such a relationship with God is the forgotten side of prayer. Even in church, we concentrate on thanksgiving and petition. We have forgotten that, according to Isaiah 65:24, God answers prayer before we breathe it. But we have not learned how to receive God's answers intentionally and consciously.

When prayer is what it could be, it is not monologue, but dialogue; not just speaking, but listening; not just asking, but receiving; not giving orders, but taking orders; not changing God's will to ours, but discovering God's perfect will; not solidification, but a process of change through our resting, yielding, trusting, and God's molding and re-creation.

Receptive Prayer is openness to God's side of the conversation. Often it is simply being with God, dwelling in God's presence wordlessly. Frequently, it seems to me to be loving and being loved, dwelling in an embrace. I know of no one who does not need such nourishment, healing, and empowerment. Our only response must be to gratefully receive.

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Receptive Prayer Manual

A Manual of Receptive Prayer:
For Study, Practice, and Retreats – Edition 2, Charis Enterprises.
This Manual accompanies the text just noted above. It is a superb daily resource in the practice and understanding of Receptive Prayer (meditation and contemplation), and, as a retreat resource, it is unsurpassed. The Manual provides daily support for 7 to 14 weeks for individuals or groups. It includes study questions; complete instructions in 7 different forms of Receptive Prayer; scripture, hymns, and memorization keyed to each type of Receptive Prayer; and weekly suggestions for integrating Active Receptive Prayer into daily life. It includes 4 inspiring, new Guided Receptive Prayers in addition to those found in the text. Approaches to more insightful reading, journal keeping, enriching prayer partnerships, changing petitions to affirmations, and transforming intercessory prayer are part of the growth which this Manual so sensitively tries to apply. The author believes that daily use of the Manual for half a year, will teach anyone to naturally use Receptive Prayer.

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Ways of the Spirit

The Ways of the Spirit – pub. Crossroad
While searching through the Underhill archives [in the University of London], Dr. Grace Brame, an Underhill scholar and editor of this volume, discovered four important handwritten retreats given by Underhill that were thought to be lost." They include her very first retreat, now named: "Sanctity: The Perfection of Love," "The End for Which We Were Made" (showing Ignatian influence), "Inner Grace and Outward Sign," and "The Call of God." "Underhill's humor and metaphorical writing is part of the charm of her retreats.... She is never superior, as she speaks to people where they are, awakens them, and draws out their hidden hunger and their potential for commitment. Now, for the first time, these foundational writings are available ..., a fitting commemorative to one of the spiritual leaders of our time.

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