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The Path to Uniting with the Will of God

Mysticism is not spooky phenomena. It is giving our wills, wanting to love God until we do. Then God's will becomes more and more our own. Nothing matters more in our lives.

Often we think of spirituality and mysticism as different, but it is more helpful to see them as the same.

Spirituality has been given multiple meanings, but we can't go wrong in using any of the following definitions:

  1. The work of the Holy Spirit, actually in us and and reaching out through us to others.
  2. A way of life, drawing us ever closer to God. Some call it sanctification. Some speak of transformation.
  3. A deep and real trust in God built on the experience of the Holy Spirit within the ordinary.
Mysticism is merely the term used to describe the experience of the Holy Spirit in deeper or more unusual ways. It is often used for things that are sometimes called visionary or miraculous (both of which we will speak about together at our retreat).

Perhaps two of the most important understandings of this field are these:

To see "inside the outside" of people and things,
To discover their essence behind their appearance,
To recognize true worth.

The other is -
To recognize that the normal desire for security and worth in the eyes of others begins with a natural but immature self-centeredness that is changed into selfless love of God and others as we are drawn by love, let go of com-pulsions and are compelled towards new, more disciplined, but freeing life.

From being our own god, we can grow toward God as a plant grows toward the sun, until, at very special times, we become as one. Jesus talked about this when he said: "The Father and I are one." It is a oneness in the Holy Spirit. Then he prayed that all of us be one together. One-ness with God and each other is the on-going "end " of mysticism and spirituality. It is the at-one-ment that Jesus lived his life to bring about.

Some of the most important aspects of spirituality and mysticism are: (1) the experience of God as really real, not just an idea that we talk "about," (2) a deep desire for transformation and growth in loving God, family, friends, and enemies, (3) shedding impediments and picking a positive path (repentance and forgiveness), (4) a new insight into scripture and people, (5) seeing both God and need in others, (6) grace in suffering, (7) offering of life to God, (9) living as praying, and (10) serving others and the earth.



"You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you that you should go and bring forth fruit, fruit that will remain."
John 15:16.
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