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Receptive Prayer:
Prayer Which Nourishes, Heals, and Empowers
We cannot give without receiving. We are barren without grace. There is no way to be a channel of God's life without drinking it in, without allowing ... read more > >

Faith, the Yes of the Heart:
Faith as A Committed, Personal Relationship with God
In 1541 Martin Luther gave a rather nondescript sermon in which was hidden a sentence which is a treasure: "Faith is the Yes of the Heart... read more > >

Life: The Spiritual Journey
Graces, Disciplines, Highs and Lows, in the Spiritual Journey
A very personal approach in which we look at ourselves with compassion, respect, and honesty, seeing our past and our dreams as we think God might see them... read more > >

The Gospel of John:
Jesus' View of God and Himself, Us and the Kingdom
Although we seem to live in a world of separations, competitions, and comparisons, always aware of "them and us,"it is the experience of our intended unity, at-one-ment, to which we are called...read more > >

God in the Shadow, Leading On!
The issue of suffering is so pervasive and important to human beings that it is the focus of two of the world's five major... read more > >

Forgiveness - Its Power to Heal:
Forgiving Others, Our Inner Child, and God
"There is no future without forgiveness," proclaims South Africa's Bishop Desmond Tutu. We imprison ourselves until we want to begin – to learn – to forgive... read more > >

The Life-Giving Spirit:
From the Beginning to Life Eternal
In this retreat we will rest and breathe in the Spirit that gives life. — We want to let it "gentle us," fill us, and bring us to both... read more > >

The Life of the Spirit Through Art:
Receiving and Sharing the Spirit's Imagination
There is no creative person who has not been touched by the Creative Spirit, "known or unknown, " as Carl Jung would say. Imaginative revelation comes from... read more > >

Becoming A Living Sacrifice:
Living to Give
Why were any of us born? What are we doing here? If it wasn't our idea... read more > >

The Path to Uniting with the Will of God
Mysticism is not spooky phenomena. It is giving our wills, wanting to love God until we do. Then God's will becomes... read more > >

Evelyn Underhill: (1875-1941)
Pioneer for 20th Century Spirituality
Without the breakthrough work of the Englishwoman, Evelyn Underhill (d.1941), the 20th century might never have... read more > >

Inside the Outside:
The Heart of Spirituality for Augustine and Luther
Most of us seek all that the world has to offer. Some few possess it. Many find it possesses them. Perhaps, like a prodigal son who ...read more > >

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