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Life: The Spiritual Journey
Graces and Disciplines, Highs and Lows, in the Spiritual Journey

This is a very personal retreat. Participants tend to look at their own lives and identify what has happened to them and in them in the past. They will draw a spiritual time-line. They begin to see the character and importance of their inner responses as well as the conscious decisions they have made. They may even recognize repeated patterns of response, perceiving their unconscious choices and the motives that brought those choices to life. They will recognize the pain of the past. They will also identify "positives" in their lives: the things that inspired, the disciplines that helped, the power that was given, the attitudes that left them still standing, and the people who lovingly chose to travel with them.

Guided Receptive Prayer and time alone with God during the retreat will help to allow these insights.

Whenever possible, this retreat includes walking meditation. We begin in the heart of God when God imagines us, a new and beloved soul. We move to the moment of inception and from there through the growth of the child in the womb. Birth follows, then all the special times of life, until we come to the present.

Then we will look ahead, asking: "Where do I go from here? What or whom do I love the most? What arouses my positive and creative passion? To what do my love and passion call me now? What shall I release so that I am free to move? What is in my unique treasure chest of gifts and training useable at this point in my life? Can I recognize and will I claim God's powerful life in and through me?"

We will talk about great spiritual souls in our own past and in history, hoping to discern what graced them, what disciplines they chose, and what led them on their way.

At last we will face our challenge and our hope in words such as these.

I have always lived in the presence of the Lord, although I often was unaware that it was real. Heaven must surely be awareness of that pervasive and uplifting Presence and the depth of its reality. Therefore, "whether I live or die, I live or die to the Lord."



"You are my servant, O Israel, in whom I will be glorified." Isaiah 49:3. For me this means that Israel heard God's universal call, which I also hear as mine.
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